How to Obtain and Use Cepharanthine

When using Cepharanthine for cancer, ITP or other autoimmune conditions, the dose generally ranges between 30 to 60mg per day. A daily dose of 10 mg daily may be adequate when using Cepharanthine as an addition to radiotherapy to help prevent leukopenia or for other blood count disorders. For the treatment of hair loss, the typical dosage ranges between 2mg - 6mg per day.

It is recommended to take Cepharanthine after meals. The total daily dosage can either be taken at once or it can be divided across two or three doses throughout the day.

The positive effects of Cepharanthine are often experienced within a few weeks of beginning treatment.

Cepharanthine has an excellent safety and tolerability record and is not known to interfere with any other medications. In all of its years of usage in Japan, only very minor side effects (such as upset stomach) have been reported in just one out of every 140 users.

Cepharanthine is available in the form of tablets or capsules for oral use. It is also available in injection form in Japan. Cepharanthine is available through various online suppliers who ship worldwide such as Suki Distribution in Singapore.

Cepharanthine is an extraordinary and unique medicine with incredible therapeutic potential. It is an excellent candidate for treating many challenging and otherwise untreatable medical conditions, both safely and effectively.